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HARMONY ROAD  age 4-6 (beginners in Pre-K through Kindergarten)
• 50 minutes per week • parent involvement required
• $135 per month

Studies prove that the ideal time to begin formal musical training is between the ages of four and six, when a child's sense of hearing is the most receptive, and patterns of self-expression are forming.  The Harmony Road Music Course is designed to make the most of that sensitive time in a child's life.  The carefully balanced curriculum focuses on singing (utilizing solfege, or "Do-Re-Mi" techniques), pitch recognition, rhythm, keyboard playing, note reading, and preparation for ensemble playing.  After the four levels are completed, graduates of the Harmony Road Course may progress to The Keyboard Musician Course for an additional four books of advanced study.  

THE YOUNG MUSICIAN  age 6-8 (beginners in 1st through 3rd grade)
• 50 minutes per week • parent involvement required
• $135 per month

 Beginners of this age are introduced to keyboard playing and note reading in a holistic program including the organized development of pitch, rhythm, and solfege singing in a fun group setting.  Parents should monitor student progress, and supervise practice at home.  The course progresses through four levels, with graduates continuing onward with The Keyboard Musician Course, or moving into private piano lessons.  


PRIVATE LESSONS   all ages • 30, 45, or 60 minutes per week • piano, trumpet, theory, composition
• $47.50 per half hour ($71.25 for 45 minutes / $95 for one hour)

Individual instruction is available on a limited basis for all levels, beginning through advanced.  Children must first have completed two years of group instruction, or received special consent from the instructor.  For students 9 years and older, no prior music experience is necessary.  Lesson times are arranged individually with the instructor.


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